Conservation Trays


Quality, heavy weight, high impact polyethylene plastic trays for a variety of conservation, studio or laboratory uses.                                                               Excellent for bleaching or de-acidification by immersion;

Completely flat bottom (internal) to prevent damage to papers and textiles;

Use for wet cleaning of textiles or paper;

These flat trays are solid white, seamless, and possess a corrosion resistant surface.

Various dimensions available:

Tray Conservation White 352 x 289 x 57mm

Trays Conservation White 454mm x 372mm x 89mm

Trays Conservation White 610mm x 508mm x 89mm

Trays Conservation White 712mm x 610mm x 83mm

Trays Conservation White 826mm x 705mm x 108mm

Trays Conservation White 1200mm x 946mm x 108mm

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