Archival Envelopes Perma Dur® Buffered


Archival envelopes made of premium Perma/Dur® stock. Our archival envelopes are an excellent acid-free and lignin-free storage device for all types of documents, pamphlets, clippings etc;

Manufactured from 120gsm sturdy Perma/Dur® stock;

Buffered with approximately 3% calcium carbonate for protection from migrant acidity

Each is constructed using a neutral pH adhesive and includes an un-gummed flap to help keep out dust and light;

PAT test passed (Photographic Activity Test).



Envelope Size 162mm x 239mm A5 (6" x 9")

Envelope Size 112mm x 162mm (4" x 6")

Envelope Size 188mm x 264mm (7" x 10")

Envelope Size 216mm x 267mm (8.5" x 10.5")

Envelope Size 220mm x 307mm A4 (9" x 12")

Envelope Size 340mm x 264mm (10" x 13")

Envelope Size 292mm x 381mm (11.5" x 15")

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