MD PRO 3 Microfilm Processor

  • MD PRO 3

    Microfilm Processor

    Microfilm will continue to remain an important role of digital preservation. The latest MD PRO3 microfilm deep tank processor is developed to complement today’s digital archive writer equipment such as the MD AW Series of archive writers.

    MD PRO3 is a fully automated deep-tank microfilm processing system equipped with the latest electronic touch screen multifunctional operator terminal control panel and monitoring system that gives the user an intuitive control over the microfilming process. This allows precision control of the film developer and fixer temperature, water flow and transport speed for the most stringent ISO archiving standards.

    MD PRO3 contains 7 deep tanks and a build in smart automatic replenish system to optimize chemical usage. The standard version of the film processor can develop either 16 mm or 35 mm microfilms with a length of up to 305m with 105mm film as an option. MD PRO3 colour processing is based on Ilford P-5 that guarantees perfect results to meet the high demands of colour microfilming process for long-term durability, archiving security and high throughput. Micrographics Data has more than 30 years’ experience in the Micrographics industry and as a manufacturer of digital archive writers, MD PRO3 is the result of the next generation of microfilm processors with today’s cutting edge technology.

    • The only microfilm processor in the world that does not need additional storage water heater.
    • Water and chemistry saving with our digital Smart Control System.
    • Superior in-line deep tank, black/white processing, brown toning, washing & drying system exceeding ISO and ANSI Standards.
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