EXPM LTD provides digitization for archival documents, books and microfilm.

Digitization is a valuable preservation tool, creating digital records for general use and condition monitoring, reducing physical handling of collection material while safeguarding information.

Our services are performed as a way of optimizing information in terms of space, quality and ease of access according to needs.

Our digitization projects include:

- Use of the latest technology

- High resolution imaging with a comprehensive and customizable metadata fields

- Careful handling of collection materials, according to conservation standards

- Digital solutions for projects of any scale and size

We can also offer guidance in terms of acquisition of digitization technologies, for organizations that currently seek to establish in-house scanning and digitization facilities. Our advice encompasses selecting suitable equipment according to format needs, plus support with platform choice, ensuring digital assets are easily searchable and stable in long term.

In terms of microfilm digitization, we can offer the additional service of creating analog surrogates as means of creating preservation copies for existing material.