Fume Filtration Cupboard


Re-circulating fume cabinet complete with "OS" filtration system. This cabinet meets BS7989 the British Standard that defines the specification and operation of ductless fume cabinets. The cabinet is for use with organic solvents and is designed to operate with a face velocity of 0.5 m/s (metres per second). Manufactured from polyester coated steel, aluminium uprights are anodised for added protection offering exceptional structural strength to support the 8mm thick transparent panels which are highly corrosion resistant and easy to clean in the event of accidental spillage.


Power Supply 230 & 110 voltage

Power Consumption 0.5 Amps/100 watts

Face Velocity 0.5 m/s

Dimensions Internal 700W x 520D x 810mmH

Dimensions External 800W x 570D x 1145mmH

Weight 65kg

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