PEL Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


MicroFibre Cloths for cleaning without chemicals (just use water). With the PEL-Cloth you can clean either with or without water. Excellent results are achieved on all surfaces, without the need for cleaning agents and chemicals, and you protect yourself and the environment.

Choose from premium microfibre or our specialist glass cleaning microfibre cloths with a finer feel - now additional larger 900x450mm size available, premium microfibre towel (300gsm).

The secret is in the fibres

Pel Microfibre Cloths are manufactured from tiny ultra micro fibres. These micro-fibres have such a good, natural cleaning action compared to normal fibres – breaking down, trapping and absorbing dirt particles so well, that only water is necessary as a solvent. Our cloths are made from polyester/polyamide ultra micro-fibres, which contain no chemicals and give such a good cleaning effect that only water is needed as a solvent. The fibre mix gives the cloth enormous absorption. When used damp, the cloths clean all surfaces, especially glass, plastics, stainless steel, chrome, brass and wood. When used dry the cloths have a natural “positive” charge which attracts “negative” dust. If correctly maintained, in normal use, our products will last for several years and pay for themselves many times over.standard microfibre cloth

How to use your PEL-Cloth MicroFibre Cleaning System. It is important to follow these instructions.

Using the PEL Cloth…DRY - The static effect when using the cloth dry gives it an extremely good accumulation ability for dust and micro particles. Drag the cloth lightly over the surface to be cleaned and the particles will stick to the cloth. Do not rub hard on plexi glass. Dirt in the cloth could scratch the surface.

Using the PEL Cloth…DAMP - Wet thoroughly with pure water only, (no soap) completely wring out and fold, then wipe impurities from all dirty surfaces such as glass, mirrors, aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, treated and untreated wood, tiles, brass etc.

Using the PEL Cloth…WET - Wet thoroughly with pure water only, (no soap) completely wring out and fold, then use as you would a wet sponge.

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