Corrugated Archival Roll Storage Boxes


The design of these roll storage boxes allows you to place maps, blue prints, charts, light textiles and other large format items in roll form easily inside without the risk of damage that end-opening boxes and tubes can cause;

These acid-free, sturdy, blue corrugated boxes are buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and open on long top dimension to allow ease of placement and removal of items.                   

Three locking tabs;

Made from 100% cellulose, the clamshell boxes contain no wood particles;

The pH of the card stock is is between 8 and 9.5;

4% calcium carbonate buffer is added for further protection;

The boxes are shipped flat taking up minimum storage space;

Ready to assemble, with easy to use self-locking tabs and a professional finish.

Roll Storage Box - 1060 x 150 x 150mm

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