Film Cans


Plastic Film Cans for the safe, archival storage of 16mm and 35mm film on cores.

These cans are flame retardant and contain less than 4% halogen which means that in the event of a fire there is virtually no release of chlorine or bromine gas.

For storage of films on cores only (not reels);

Casing answering to the standards drawn by ANSI, SIN and SMPTE;

Silver Grey colour;

100% prime polypropylene, inert and safe;

Designed allowing ventilation to prevent build-up of damaging gases;

The cans are stackable, with a secure interlocking system;

Hubs Designed to prevent lateral sliding during transportation and used to hold an audio reel of 10";                                                                                                        Made of polypropylene.


Various dimensions available.

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