Museum Vac® with disposable HEPA cartridge filter


This model of Museum Vac® has a HEPA filter and disposable cartridge designed for use when removing mildew spores, fungi and irritant or toxic dust.

This vacuum is invaluable when cleaning documents and books that contain mildew spores that should be disposed of safely to reduce spreading. The health of the conservator is better protected by a HEPA filter.

The disposable cartridge when filled with waste can then be disposed of in compliance with local regulations. The HEPA filter is built into the disposable cartridge and is automatically replaced when a new cartridge is fitted. As with all Museum Vacs it is adjustable from delicate suction to full power vacuum by the dial suction control.

Comes complete with hose, crevice tool, brush, rubber nozzle and instructions all in its own carry case.


Power Supply 220/240 volt

Power Consumption 800 watt

Air Flow 30 litres per second

Suction 1400mm WG

Capacity 4.6 litres

HEPA Filtration Down to 0.3 microns

Weight 5.2kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 465 x 195 x 245mm

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