Buffered Acid-Free and Lignin Free Paper


Buffered acid-free paper rolls 110gsm - Perma/Dur®. Ideal for use as a frame backing paper, or for wrapping or interleaving.


Light Tan

The sturdy acid free, medium weight (110gsm) light tan paper has excellent strength for many uses. It is an excellent choice for wrapping and protection of documents and art work for either storage or shipping. It is buffered and has a minimum pH of 7.0 (maximum pH of 8.5).


Light Grey

The pleasing, Light Grey, 90gsm paper is acid free, buffered and lignin free, with excellent folding, cutting and handling characteristics.


Light Tan Paper 110gsm 660mm x 228M

Light Tan Paper 110gsm 1321mm x 229M

Light Grey Paper 90gsm 915mm x 91M

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