Protection for collections and impact mitigation in case of exposure to harmful circumstances. This can include a combination of surveying, procedure implementation and team training. We can design a customized disaster response method, to suit the collections being protect, or give general training for the most common emergencies that affect cultural property, such as flood and fire incidents.

Our holistic approach evaluates risks to the collection and seeks solutions that accommodate for a range of circumstances, creating a tailored response mechanism to emergencies. We aim for prevention and focus on hazard management, while also offering preparation for dealing with disaster itself.

-Facility’s survey and troubleshooting

-Guidelines for disaster handling and collection object salvaging

-Team training sessions and skills building

-Prioritization of intervention areas

-Thread identification and mitigation

Our team can also participate in emergency disaster response, offering conservation advice and salvaging collection items, particularly for large scale incidents that require major intervention and good team coordination.