Anoxia Disinfestation Process

An ecological, user-friendly, disinfestations method. This process has no noxious secondary on the object to be treated, nor does it involve any risk to the health of operators or users. It uses an inert gas, usually nitrogen, which causes death of the insects by asphyxia and dehydration. Anoxia eliminates the investing insects at any stage of their development – eggs, larva or adults.

System Description

Set of equipment, instruments and tools to build anoxia bubbles*. To be used in archival institutions, libraries and museums. For continuous and systematic insect pest control. Simple operation in safety working conditions. This equipment allows the parameters of the atmosphere inside the bubble to be controlled, providing an appropriate, low oxygen content atmosphere to treat collections. Installation, operator’s training and technical support available worldwide.


Construction of an EXPM Gas Bubble

Disinfestation using the EXPM Anoxia Gas Bubble involves isolating the material to be treated in a bubble of plastic film that is highly impermeable to oxygen. Air inside the bubble is replaced with an inert gas (nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide). EXPM inert gas bubbles provide a made-to-measure ecological, non-toxic solution for occasional needs to disinfest documents or objects.

System installation and user training

Service Available by EXPM’s specialised technician, worldwide.

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